May the monsters fall. May you spin the poison out the top of your head. May you ground the lightning. May you feel the hard vibration of your bones. May the sky fall to your knees. May you work the death out of your chest. May your discipline grow ecstatic and green. May you sit on the shoulders of the wanderer. May you follow the rhythm of your blood. May you befriend the awkward. May remedies flow from your fingertips. May your limbs be tree strong. May you swing the other high. May you ring the sickness clean. May you never be severed from silence. May your spine twist tall. May you walk the inside open. May your lungs fill deep and steady. May your muscles relax and grow beautiful. May you walk in green diversity. May you give everything. May your bones hold. May you layer the lines. May you pray the darkness green. May you practice a million poems. May your strength be limber. May the sky enter your chest. May the small be blessed. May you own every atom. May the demons be caressed. May the wounds rest. May you swallow light kisses. May your step spring a hundred affections. May you be solid and sound. May you be adorned with satisfaction. May you be accepted and desired wherever you go. May you be more admirable than was ever dreamed. May you attend complexity with ease. May you assess the deathless. May saints and sages help you. May all forces be employed to delight you. May you have an embarrassment of riches. May you be sure and sufficient. May you never be measured. May you shine like the clouds. May you be guided by generations. May you untangle tongues. May you be as generous as the sun. May you course the blood of trees. May you satisfy the hungry ghosts. May the faithful and friendly help you. May you gulp the deepest horror. May you spout the gravest poem. May you seduce the melancholy. May you be given every opportunity. May you rest in the very middle. May you live all three. May you fend for them. May your mind glow. May you undress the boundary. May you own every thought. May you brave the balance. May you follow the water. May you be as strong as the wind. May the rain seep in. May your thoughts arrange the foundation. May you swim below the known. May you see the structure. May you disturb the meaning. May your clouds cover the earth. May your path widen the narrow. May the earth pull you in. May you permeate the two. May you confound the darkness. May the circles be revealed. May the obstacles be removed. May you remember the beginning. May you stray from the plan. May you show them the way. May you see them as they are. May you create more beauty than was ever necessary. May you breathe the other side. May you ride the thoughts. May you follow the sunrise. May the colors multiply. May your ground move. May you know they are falling. May you become the vertical lines. May you weave the two sides. May you feel every sensation. May old courage clear the way. May you find the silence again. May you breathe it into flames. May you see the general incandescence. May you bury the worried hopes. May you identify the shadows. May your laws be broken. May you have all breeds of knowledge. May you fall with the leaves. May wretched hearts heal. May you find the solution to prayer. May you go below the pain. May the boundless weave your body. May the trees understand you. May you feel the earth heaped over your heart. May you swim the ocean in your chest. May you sense the smallest part. May you breathe lightning. May you face the great darkness. May you obstruct the sharp wind. May you center heaven and hell. May you exhale the cold confusion. May you rest the heavy cloud. May you release the weight of desire. May you greet all that is coming. May the muses find you. May you induce visions. May you complete the trials. May the worry lie dead. May you have charms and wonders. May you still the rushing wind. May you kill the monologues. May you sigh the relief. May you be pardoned again and again. May you leap the brisk day. May you rain all through the night. May you continue the search. May you fall with the moment. May you dissolve your self. May you unwind the venomous snake. May you stretch like an idle dream. May the enchantments fail. May you stand in the holy fire. May you know what the God has given. May you vision and revision. May you disturb the universe. May you feel the mountains grow. May you let the slowness grow. May your surrender make you eloquent. May you water the fire of stress. May you move from grace to grace. May you have the glory of thunder. May you be adored. May you be carved with cares. May the infinite hold you. May you be wide with goodness. May joy fall on you morning, noon, and eve. May you be home at heart. May you be married to amazement. May you be crammed with heaven. May you travel soundless fathoms. May you look at it loom there. May you live well your lease of leisure. May your mercy outride the pain. May you lie with the earth’s sweet being. May you be counter, original, and strange. May your roots receive the rain. May your bough never break. May you be parted leaf by leaf. May you die the lovely deaths. May you keep hope pale. May the woven woods round. May you be as worthy as the leaves growing on trees. May your heart never crack. May you distill the dreaming wisdom. May your grace be glad. May you feast in your honor. May you magnify each its kind. May you ground the grey beauty. May you be favoured by the heavens. May your weeds and wilderness thrive. May you weave the violets and tall trees. May you still the elemental creatures. May you empty the mortal dreams. May you lie your heart on the loveliness. May you sigh from kiss to kiss. May you follow the way of the wind. May lightning hurtle through your heart. May you sing her into peace. May old cares cease. May you dance like the waves of the sea. May you own the wild summer. May you grow out of fashion. May the sun laugh. May the gushing water wander. May you wait the mind. May you balance and buoy. May you have divine comfort. May you be wound with mercy.